Saibo Precision V-Rail Range – Linear & Rings

The Saibo V range consists of Linear and Ring system, designed to work in harsh and dirty environments even at high speeds. Unlike regulating ball rails, the LGV & CR systems will not catastrophically fail, even when wear does occur. Maintenance/adjustability of the systems can be achieved by adjusting the Eccentric bearings to the required tolerance.

For Linear Rails there are 3 standard sizes available, LGV25XL, LGV44XL & LGV76XL. There are 2 rail precision grades: PG1 & PG3: PG1 is available in maximum single lengths of 1980mm for LGV25/LGV44 and 1700mm for LGV76. PG3 is available at a maximum single length of 5.5m. Longer lengths can be achieved with butted sets however this is only possible with PG1 grade rail.

For Rings there are 3 standard sizes available, CR25, CR44 and CR76; all surfaces including the mounting surface are ground. There is a wide range of diameters available to suit most applications, should it be required, all rings can be cut into sections to suit the customers design. Additionally, Double Edge Ring segments can be combined with Linear Double Edged Rails (PG1 grade only) to create Track Systems.

The Double Edged Spacer Rail is manufactured from high quality bearing steel, from Germany. Deep hardened on the rails running surface for increased wear resistance.

All 70° Double V running surfaces are ground together to ensure parallelism. The body of the rail remains soft allowing for extra holes to be machined if required. The Saibo V range has been designed as an economical drop-in replacement for current European manufactured product without compromising quality or performance.

  • Linear Rail and Rings: High carbon bearing steel, hardened on V faces to 58-62Rockwell ‘C’ scale, with N5 surface finish. Rails can be joined to achieve longer travel.
  • Bearings: Carbon-chromium bearing steel, hardened and tempered. Niltrile rubber seals. Plastic ball cage. High tensile steel studs, chemical black finish. Temperature range; -20°C to +120°C
  • Carriage Plate High Strength Aluminium Alloy. High gloss black anodising as standard.
  • Cap Seals & Lubricators: Impact resistant thermoplastic elastomer. Felt wipers. Temperature range; -20°C to +120C°
  • Maximum Linear Speed: Non lubricated = 2 m/s - Lubricated = 8 m/s

Carriage Width 80mm
 Rail Width 25mm
Height: 30.5mm

180mm - 1980mm
Max load capacity:

Carriage Width 116mm
 Rail Width 44mm
Height: 38.5mm

180mm - 1980mm
Max load capacity:

Carriage Width 185mm
 Rail Width 76mm
Height: 58.5mm

180mm - 1710mm
Max load capacity:

 Carriage Plate 80/116mm
 Rail Width 25/44mm
Height: 30.5/38.5mm

180mm - 1530mm
Max load capacity: