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Application of ring guide in automated production line

The ring guide is a product designed for customized automated production line applications. The product features are to maximize the use of the production line space, and to utilize the characteristics of high speed and stable operation to save production costs as well as increase production capacity. Standing out from the solely linear production route, this system allows a highly customized circular track by joining ring segments and the linear rail, so that the production line can be optimally planned according to different space constraints.
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Reinforcement of steel slide’s surface treatment

With our recently invested in-house plating facility and chemical lab, Sliding Systems have reinforced the corrosion resistance feature on Professional range - steel telescopic slide. All steel beams are now implemented with Electrolytic Alkaline Zinc plating with layer thickness of 10 - 12 microns as standard surface finishing, results in excellent performance in salt spray test. These slides are benefited with maximum product sustainability against most environment.
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Applications of Sliding Systems’ sliders in railcar

With the outstanding load capacity and robust structure, Sliding Systems’ sliders have approved from the rolling stock equipment – shock and vibration tests and are suitable for applications in various railcar equipment. For more details, please refer to the related article – Telescopic slide application: Railway industry.
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Slide application for aircraft seating

Aircraft premium class seats require light-weight, high-strength & low maintenance requirement telescopic slide in order to perform full-flat function. Sliding Systems are able to work with multiple prestigious seating companies and designed the suitable solution that meets all criteria. Our Radial Aero 5220 slide is a cutting edge product in aircraft seating design.
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Sliding Systems signed Japan exclusive distributor: Takachiho Koheki Co., Ltd

In the light of the rapid development of our business in Asia, Sliding Systems frequently works with a large customer base across numerous industries. Today, we are honored to announce that Sliding Systems has signed an exclusive distributor contract with Takachiho Koheki Co., Ltd to provide our products and services in Japan.
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Collection of specialty slide applications

Established in 1988, Sliding Systems specializes in manufacturing specialty slides that are rare in the market. Different from common furniture slides, specialty slides have great rigidity and are outstanding at bearing large weights, and are capable of industrial use and special applications that furniture slides cannot meet. In harsh conditions, the service life of the specialty slide is several times that of the furniture slide!  
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Two-way heavy duty slides applied to machine tending systems

For the machining industry, to successfully execute production line automation heavily depends on the process of “material handling”, this makes the production line require to equip machine tending system to facilitate continuous delivery of workpieces to machine for uninterrupted manufacturing process. In the case of limited working space, machine tending system has to be compact and accommodate maximum quantity of workpieces.
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Slide application to AS/RS

With the rapid development of modern technology, the logistics industry is facing increasing demand for shipments on daily basis. In response to this challenge, it is a necessary action to begin integrating automated equipment to the warehouse to meet required shipping efficiencies. One of the cutting-edge solutions is raising the density of racking to maximize storage space and utilize...
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Telescopic slide for medical bed application

Another successful project completed...!! This time we were challenged to help build a medical bed with leg extension function featured, therefore the bed can be adjusted to fit different person's height. The mechanism must be able to take human weight with high safety factor however need to be installed within limited installation space.
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Fire truck innovation in Southeast Asia

It is absolutely exciting to see Fire trucks innovate in Southeast Asia! Recently we helped a fire truck builder made a substantial improvement on equipment retrieval action, from back hurting lifting movement to effortless slide out access, we have done this by designing a sliding system for them. With this upgrade, firefighters are benefited not only in rescue efficiency but also in preventing occupational injury.
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Sliding Systems appoints Tim Sawyer as Product Director for new range of Hardened Linear Products

Sliding Systems is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Tim Sawyer. He will join the global team, in this newly created role of Product Director – Linear motion. Having worked for the last six years as Technical Sales Engineer at HepcoMotion and Business Development Engineer at HepcoAutomation, Tim brings with him a wealth of experience and specific technical knowledge.
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Sliding Systems debuted in China exhibitions

Recently Sliding Systems debuted its first exhibitions in MetroTrans & BICES 2019 in Beijing, China. We are pleased to be approved and adapted by several companies and honored to bring innovation to Asia railway & machinery industries. Please stay tuned to our news, we look forward to seeing you again in the next show.
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Sliding Systems is attending “BICES 2019”

Sliding Systems will be partnering with our China agent “Shining-Sun” to attend “BICES 2019”, booth: Hall E, E3910. During the show, we will showcase a series of industrial telescopic slides and provide technical consultant. We welcome you to visit us!    
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Sliding Systems Asia on Baidu engine!

The official Sliding Systems Asia site can now be searched via Baidu engine. Type in the keyword "GSF ASIA", and start your design now!            
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Telescopic slide application: Railway industry

Sliding Systems has over 30 years of experience working inside railway industry, our slides can apply to battery box storage, seat adjustment system, platform gap filler, etc. Speaking to heavy duty slide applied to railway industry, "Strength" and "Durability" are 2 essentials, since the railcar environment is neither static like racks in the warehouse, nor constant air conditioned like in the office.
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Telescopic slide application: Fire vehicles

Sliding Systems is a trusted brand by fire truck manufacturers and fire departments around the world. We develop and produce storage solutions for various types of fire vehicles. Firstly, we provide DTS cold drawn slide used in heavy weight drawers, which possess high resistance to vibration and hard slams from heavy equipment, the series dramatically reduce drawer malfunction frequency.
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Sliding Systems Asia website launched!

This site is the official Asia website of Sliding Systems UK, which supports traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English. Offering telescopic slide and linear solutions for rolling stock, fire vehicle, aerospace, defence and more industries. Allows timely response and technical support to Asia time zone.

If you have any general or product specific enquiries then please contact us on +886 (2) 8758 2238 between 9am-5pm GMT, or alternatively click the button to contact us by email any time