4015.SDTS060 (Full extension) - SDTS-60 (332-522kg) Stainless 316L Extreme Environment 100% Extension

The SDTS-60 telescopic slide is manufactured from marine grade 316L (1.4404) stainless steel (inox) offering a very high corrosion resistance. The austenitic structure of 316L stainless gives excellent toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures. The beams are electrostatically polished to a bright finish on all surface areas as standard.

The SDTS-60 is particularly suited for highly corrosive applications with prolonged exposure to the elements. Having a compact 60mm profile, this makes it an excellent choice for undercarriage train battery rafts in hostile conditions or military vehicles working in sub-zero climates.

Specification Details:

Profile Width: 32mm
Height: 60mm
Closed Length: 250-2000mm
Extended Length: 250-2000mm
Max load capacity: 332-522 kg/pair
Number of beams: 3
Extension Type: Total
Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Vibration Resistance: 9


Suitable For:

  • AEROSPACE - Aircraft Seating
  • DEFENCE - Airborne - Shipborne - Vehicles
  • FIRE - Slide Drawers - Systems - Trays
  • FOOD TRUCK - Stowage & Sliding Drawers
  • FURNITURE - Architecture - Sliding Units
  • MARINE - Non-Corrosive - Merchant Vessels - Oil Rigs
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - Coachbuilding - Response Vehicles

The SDTS-60 telescopic slide is manufactured from marine grade 316L (1.4404) stainless steel (inox) offering a very high corrosion resistance. The austenitic structure of 316L stainless gives excellent toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures. The beams are electrostatically polished to a bright finish on all surface areas as standard.

This is an extreme load/duty full extension telescopic slide (332Kg–522Kg/pair) suitable for a wide range of applications. At 550mm 1 pair has a full extension load capacity of 460Kg.

Constructed from milled stainless steel sections, with machined ball tracks for accuracy, it has excellent levels of shock and vibration resistance. Accordingly the product is well suited to supporting generators and heavy machine guards, even with an over extension of 120%. The beams and ball bearings are manufactured from austenitic grade 316L. End stop bolts are grade 304 with cages made from ferritic grade 430 stainless, for complete corrosion protection.

Due to the extreme strength of the mobile 'I' beam, this slide is robust to applied loads when in the extended position making it an excellent choice for dynamic applications. Unlike many other slides manufactured from rolled steel 'C' sections. There are no plastic parts in the manufacture of this range, making it ideal for high temperature use.

A single SDTS-60 weighs 10.50 kg per metre.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacture, unless subscribed to our stock holding programme which facilitates next day supply.


Closed Length (mm)

Extension (mm)

Max Load Capacity (kg)

4015.SDTS060.0250 250mm 250mm 410kg
4015.SDTS060.0300 300mm 300mm 420kg
4015.SDTS060.0350 350mm 350mm 430kg
4015.SDTS060.0400 400mm 400mm 435kg
4015.SDTS060.0450 450mm 450mm 440kg
4015.SDTS060.0500 500mm 500mm 446kg
4015.SDTS060.0550 550mm 550mm 460kg
4015.SDTS060.0600 600mm 600mm 472kg
4015.SDTS060.0650 650mm 650mm 484kg
4015.SDTS060.0700 700mm 700mm 498kg
4015.SDTS060.0750 750mm 750mm 510kg
4015.SDTS060.0800 800mm 800mm 518kg
4015.SDTS060.0850 850mm 850mm 522kg
4015.SDTS060.0900 900mm 900mm 520kg
4015.SDTS060.0950 950mm 950mm 510kg
4015.SDTS060.1000 1000mm 1000mm 503kg
4015.SDTS060.1050 1050mm 1050mm 484kg
4015.SDTS060.1100 1100mm 1100mm 465kg
4015.SDTS060.1150 1150mm 1150mm 443kg
4015.SDTS060.1200 1200mm 1200mm 420kg
4015.SDTS060.1250 1250mm 1250mm 397kg
4015.SDTS060.1300 1300mm 1300mm 375kg
4015.SDTS060.1350 1350mm 1350mm 353kg
4015.SDTS060.1400 1400mm 1400mm 332kg
4015.SDTS060.1450 1450mm 1450mm 309kg
4015.SDTS060.1500 1500mm 1500mm 292kg
4015.SDTS060.1550 1550mm 1550mm 271kg
4015.SDTS060.1600 1600mm 1600mm 251kg
4015.SDTS060.1650 1650mm 1650mm 232kg
4015.SDTS060.1700 1700mm 1700mm 213kg
4015.SDTS060.1750 1750mm 1750mm 194kg
4015.SDTS060.1800 1800mm 1800mm 175kg
4015.SDTS060.1850 1850mm 1850mm 158kg
4015.SDTS060.1900 1900mm 1900mm 140kg
4015.SDTS060.1950 1950mm 1950mm 122kg
4015.SDTS060.2000 2000mm 2000mm 104kg

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Data Sheet & main product information

SDTS60 2D -

Technical Description & Maintenance

Stainless Steel 316 Material Analysis

SDTS60 length 250mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 250mm

SDTS60 length 300mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 300mm

SDTS60 length 350mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 350mm

SDTS60 length 400mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 400mm

SDTS60 length 450mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 450mm

SDTS60 length 500mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 500mm

SDTS60 length 550mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 550mm

SDTS60 length 600mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 600mm

SDTS60 length 650mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 650mm

SDTS60 length 700mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 700mm

SDTS60 length 750mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 750mm

SDTS60 length 800mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 800mm

SDTS60 length 850mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 850mm

SDTS60 length 900mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 900mm

SDTS60 length 950mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 950mm

SDTS60 length 1000mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1000mm

SDTS60 length 1050mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1050mm

SDTS60 length 1100mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1100mm

SDTS60 length 1150mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1150mm

SDTS60 length 1200mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1200mm

SDTS60 length 1250mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1250mm

SDTS60 length 1300mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1300mm

SDTS60 length 1350mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1350mm

SDTS60 length 1400mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1400mm

SDTS60 length 1450mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1450mm

SDTS60 length 1500mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1500mm

SDTS60 length 1550mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1550mm

SDTS60 length 1600mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1600mm

SDTS60 length 1650mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1650mm

SDTS60 length 1700mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1700mm

SDTS60 length 1750mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1750mm

SDTS60 length 1800mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1800mm

SDTS60 length 1850mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1850mm

SDTS60 length 1900mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1900mm

SDTS60 length 1950mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 1950mm

SDTS60 length 2000mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.SDTS60 length 2000mm

Aircraft Seating

Following thorough research in house and at our manufacturing facilities we can offer a slide which is particularly suited to aircraft seating. The full Radial Range is fitted with cross roller bearings, due avoid any effect of brinelling.

The 5220 Radial Slide (140-154kg/pair) is made from high strength aircraft allows which has be rigorously tested to outperform standard ball bearing models.

The T6 aircraft grade aluminium beams have milled race tracks for tolerance. The surface finish is black hardened anodised as standard, other finishes are available on request.

The cross-roller bearings are made from precision hardened steel and chromed rods, it is possible to fit them with Delrin if the project requires light weight, performing slides.

7075 -T6 aluminium provides a high strength material, commonly used in aircraft fittings with a Rockwell A hardness 53.5 and an ultimate tensile strength of 572 Mpa.

The 450mm length with a 480mm travel has been independently (cyclically and abuse) tested to 60,000 cycles with a 100kg load, passing all criteria for aircraft seating use.

Storage systems

Building storage systems in the aircraft, everything needs to be LIGHT. Our Radial – Aero BB range is made of compact and lightweight high grade aluminium, suitable for galley drawer, pull out tray, etc.


Ground, marine and air defence vehicle applications such as equipment stowage, mountings for weapon systems and racks for electronic systems

Ship Borne

Applications can range from slide-based storage systems, lockers and furniture, through rack mounted electronic components, and onto operational and weapon systems requiring linear movement. If required products manufactured from high grade stainless steel can be supplied offering highest levels of corrosion resistance and low magnetic signatures.


Slides and bespoke sub-assemblies for mounting electronic and other equipment including weapon components on vehicles ranging from lightly armoured personnel vehicles (radio and other electronic components) through to battlefield tanks (internal storage, ammunition handling, slide-out generators and workstations).


Equipment stowage components and systems as installed on fire engines

Slide Drawers

Solid section steel slides lengths from 300mm to 2,000mm for pull-out equipment drawers. Extensions from 50% to 200% of closed length can be supplied, in addition slide systems that offer sequential dual extension with bi-directional travel allowing the drawer to extended from either side of the vehicle. This enables rescue crews to access vital equipment quickly and safely, regardless of the vehicle's orientation to the emergency scene.

Special Storage

Our range of reinforced heavy duty steel slides fitted with additional ball tracks and reinforcing ball bearings are ideally suited for use in some of the more unique applications. Together with a range of slides designed using a rigid "I" beam construction our products offer excellent performance under conditions that may exert high direct and torsional loadings as experienced in such applications as pull-out equipment boards and vertical shelves.


Following extensive testing on selected models our slides are used by the U.K.'s leading producers of complete equipment carriers. These complete tray systems are ready for quick installation, including bespoke mountings for specialist equipment such as auxiliary pumps, tools, hoses and rescue equipment.

Drawer locking mechanisms facilitate quick and safe operation of the equipment carrier, as well as hold the fully loaded drawer securely in position when the vehicle is in motion or at the scene.

Food Truck - Mobile Catering

Whether you have a full side trailer extension to build or a small pull out coffee machine tray from the back of a Vespa Ape, we have the right slide for you. From specialized mobile military deployment catering units to market trader applications, we have the knowledge to make it happen.

We are a privately-owned company, established over 30 years and our slides and tool mounts cover every possible application within the catering and hospitality industry.

Our specialty are bespoke telescopic slides suited to catering trailers and full van conversions.

If you require a light load slide, we suggest using our standard rolled steel or aluminum slides covered in this section, for larger full vehicle conversions up to 2000kg we recommend our cold drawn steel section I beam heavy duty slides. The rigidity and strength of the material used in the manufacture, without use of plastic components, make the slides appropriate for heavy duty usage which demand resistance to shock and vibration.

In addition to telescopic slides project we supply auxiliary equipment to fix pipes or other tools.

Our Fulterer range of slides comply with NSF food grade specifications to allow for installation of our drawer slide in direct contact with food.

Furniture & Architecture

We are delighted to be able to advise our customers on the most diverse projects possible.

One day we could be talking to an ambitious DIY customer who wants to install a removable console tray in his game room and the next project could be a whole building interior refurbishment destined for micro flats. Whilst each project represents different challenges and requirements, we are confident in finding a suitable slide or linear rail.

Standard furniture fittings will suit the Thomas Regout or Fulterer range of rolled steel slides and linear rail. Whereas high end architectural furniture design may call for aluminium drawer slides, such as the 8027/8028 or the aluminum T6 slide from our Professional Range.

To suit yacht interior design, we can supply stainless steel 316L telescopic slides.

Marine Equipment

The need for storage is not confined to land structures, every seaworthy structure requires a multitude of pull outs or heavy-duty generator tray. We can offer the widest range of stainless steel 316L telescopic slides and non- corrosive tool mounts.

Our Professional Range – Stainless Steel 316L is now available in marine grade stainless steel 316L which includes the end stops and ball cages. With low profiles starting from 40mm up to profile height and lengths up to 2000mm we are confident to be able to supply a complete range.

Merchant Vessels

Applications can range from slide based storage systems, lockers and furniture, through rack mounted electronic components, and onto operational systems requiring linear movement

Whether specifying product for a 19" electronic rack or to mount standby generator, the telescopic slide system needs to retain rigidity and be safe to operate despite ship motion and vibration.

Our range includes heavy duty stainless steel slides (partial or full extension), and can be bespoke engineered with a range of options in respect of surface hardening, strengthening and corrosion resistant finishes to ensure flawless operation in the chosen application.

With its extensive expertise and design capability we can work closely with your own engineering team to design and produce complete drawer sub-assemblies, taking account of all the special characteristics required for the product to work effectively in the marine environment.

Oil Rigs

Telescopic slide components for storage and equipment stowage areas; slide and linear rail components for operational machinery. Whilst offshore installations are generally static structures and so do not require the telescopic slide components to be able to withstand the same dynamic forces, issues of corrosion and the ability to operate reliably in the marine environment remain unchanged.

From high precision roller-bearing slides and systems through to standard stainless steel slides for use in staff accommodation areas, we are able to provide expert input and select an appropriate product from its range to match the application.

Special Vehicles

Our telescopic slides and tool mounts cover even the most demanding project for commercial vehicles. Smaller, lighter duty rolled steel or solid section slides from our General Devices range will suit a keyboard tray or a display screen, whereas cold drawn steel section slides will fit requirements for full vehicle extension such as mobile broadcast vehicles carrying several 1000kg’s.

With over 30 years of experience, we are more experienced than any other supplier and manufacturer to be able to advise of suitable and performing products.

Sliding Systems are an approved supplier for many prestigious and well-regarded manufacturers both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

With our flexible production facilities, we can accommodate any project and are pleased to assist with special requests whenever possible. Applications involving shock and vibration call for heavy duty, cold drawn steel section slides which we are also able to supply in 316L marine grade stainless steel. If weight or corrosion resistance are parameters that are important, we suggest Aluminum T6 section slides, available in load capacities up to 330kg.

Outdoor applications can apply specialist marine grade 316L slides, which ensures long-term functionality.

Response Vehicles

Roadside assistance and other categories of vehicle that need to stow and provide easy access to equipment can be enhanced through appropriate use of telescopic drawer slide and linear rail systems.

The twin requirements of operator safety and operational effectiveness are of paramount importance. GSF's ability to select and adapt from an unrivalled base product range, and its ability to assist with the design of bespoke and space-saving drawer systems enable us to make a significant contribution to your own product design.

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